We received a call around 1pm Friday afternoon. ‘I think we have a some scan work for you. It’s a pretty tight timeline, we are well in to the turnaround, we have found some deformation on an elbow (18” elbow in the Hydrobon unit). We think laser scanning could be the way to get the dimensional information we need, can you jump on this if we need you to?’  The answer was, ready when you are!  In anticipation of needing to respond quickly, we readied our gear.  P30-✅, batteries-✅, tripod-✅, targets-✅.  Hard hats, glasses, boots and coveralls -✅, ✅, ✅ and ✅. Let’s bring the RTC360 just in case.

The call came at 3:30, we loaded up and were onsite 4:30.  Now it was time to navigate work permits, gas monitors, mobilizing our gear on the scaffold.  The P30 isn’t small or light and the path to the elbow wasn’t easy.  We had to navigate stairs, ladders and crawl spaces to get to the now infamous elbow. The prep work took longer than the scanning, but that is the way things go during a turnaround, lots of people, lots of moving parts and safety first! Just be ready when your window of opportunity opens.  This was high intensity, the adrenaline was flowing and we felt like ghostbusters.

We pulled things all together in the wee hours of the morning with the support of our partners at Leica Geosystems.  Thank you very much, Greg Schneider!