Unconventional. High intensity.

Knowledge + technology = rapid results that work.

Many people think of engineering as a pretty straightforward, linear undertaking. It’s not in our world. We aren’t formulaic and being rebellious by nature we love to test norms and dispel the notion they are essential.

That’s our sweet spot. It’s what attracts firms to our service and keeps them working with us.

We are obsessed with finding innovative and practical solutions such as our revolutionary Virtual Plant Design (VPD) workflow. Especially for plant renovation, brownfield and sustaining projects, VPD allows us to begin with a view of highly-accurate as-built conditions. Because of our significant investment in laser scanning equipment and software, we can respond with a combination of powerful technology and innovative thinking.

VPD delivers a rapid prototyping, end-to-end 3D modelling experience. VPD saves time, virtually eliminates the necessity for endlessly reworking plans and reduces engineering costs by a considerable factor. Brilliantly, this process is available to all clients regardless of size and budget.

Watch this video to see VPD in action.

Element6 is an excellent resource to assist us in developing solutions that integrate efficiency and sustainability…I would recommend them to anyone looking to solve production processes with process safety complexities. They will challenge the norms to make the final product what you want it to be.

In the services tab you can read what we do and, admittedly, there are numerous firms out there who can write a similar list.

What they can’t replicate is our high-intensity approach to problem solving. Our team are exceptional sprinters and, while we’ve got the staying power to complete a marathon, our clients appreciate our lean workflow which breaks each project down into a series of individual exercises. These sprints deliver rapid, high-intensity outcomes that allow our clients to move forward with the ideal combination of speed and accuracy.

Think we’re mavericks? Not really. We do our homework. We just don’t think you need to write a Masters thesis to move forward. You’ve got deadlines and need to get investments completed to move your business forward. We’re never shy about coming forward with what we believe (know!) to be the best solution and we’re also sensitive to your realities.